Ventilators & Insulation


Keep heating and cooling to a minimum

Installing insulation is the most effective way to keep the heating and cooling costs down in commercial buildings and offices.   Choosing the right product for your project is essential to ensure the proper performance and appearance.

The benefits of insulation:

  • Helps meet Energy Efficiency requirements
  • Provide a more comfortable working environment for occupants by reducing heat flow in and out of the building;
  • Reducing rain and other external noises
  • Reduces the occurrence of condensation which minimises the risk of damage to roof sheeting and internal ceiling linings     caused by condensation;
  • Decreases building running costs, by reducing heating & air conditioning costs
  • Reduced ‘metal creep’ – creaking noises which occur when there are sudden external temperature changes.

Another option for cooling hot buildings is installing commercial roof ventilators.  Whilst insulation does a great job of slowing the transfer of heat between the roof space and the other areas but on hot days, heat can still build up over time.   Roof ventilators reduce the roof space heat build up by expelling hot air, which enables it to be replaced with cooler air from outside.   This makes your insulation work far more effectively.With the power costs rising, most businesses are looking for more energy efficiency controls.   Raven Roofing can assist with this by installing ventilators and/or insulation.   Call Raven Roofing, we will come out and advise you on the best products for your building.   The benefits of commercial roof ventilators

  • Removes Excess Heat
  • Removes Excess Moisture
  • Removes Dust